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Details of the Financial Plan

NOTE: Each individual’s plan is unique. It may or may not include all the contents indicated below and may vary in subject matter.


*Income Tax and Cash Flow Planning
Current Income Tax Estimate
Projected Income Tax Estimate (Table)
Tax Planning Ideas
Personal Cash Flow Analysis (Table)
Current Annual Living Expense 
Summary (Table)

*Investment and Portfolio Planning
Current Balance Sheet (Table)
Asset Composition (Chart)
Analysis of Projected Returns (Table)
Individual Property Analysis (Table)
Investment Asset Reposition (Table)
Potential Sale and Purchase 
Suggestions (Table)
Analysis of Debt

*Retirement Planning
Management of Wealth Growth (Table)
Capital Needs for Retirement 
Estimate of Retirement Spending Needs (Table)
Estimate Savings to Meet Objectives (Table)
Retirement Suggestions

*Dependent Funding
Estimate Cost for Dependent and Other Funding Needs (Table)
Savings Level Required to Meet Needs (Table)
Summary of Funding Alternatives (Table)

*Estate Planning
Your Estate Planning Objectives
Review of Your Wills, Trusts and Other Documents
Estate Shrinkage (Table)
Estimate of Tax Liability

*Insurance Planning
Capital Needs Analysis (Table)
Review of Your Insurance Portfolio and Costs (Table)
Disability Needs Analysis (Chart)
Review of Major Medical and Long Term Care Insurance

Summary of recommendations made throughout your Financial Plan