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Financial Planning Services

Insurance Needs

Professional Planning’s purpose for studying clients’ insurance needs is to identify major economic risk exposure such as – premature death, disability, medical expense, outliving one’s income and long term care. In this manner, risk is reduced so that one’s financial plan will not unravel through unforeseen catastrophe. Further, unwarranted expenditure for unnecessary or inappropriate insurance coverage could be used for asset accumulation.

Retirement Planning

The goal for retirement should be to maintain a standard of living commensurate with clients’ desires and needs, even in the face of ever-increasing cost of living. Professional Planning approaches retirement planning for clients by identifying and funding for a specific and comfortable amount of net annual retirement income.

How We Work

Professional Planning’s objective is to help clients position their assets and discretionary income into productive investments.  Our aim is to reduce risk to invested capital while seeking long-term capital growth. We strive to make recommendations that are always in the client’s best interest and we adhere to a philosophy of minimizing turnover and trading costs, focusing on investments that anticipate gain over the long term, even during bear markets. Professional Planning endeavors to satisfy clients’ goals through research, understanding each clients risk tolerance and adjusting for changes in the market and changes in clients’ lives.

Future Funding Goals

Funding for a child’s education, a vacation home, a future business, retirement and other goals can be planned for when goals are clearly defined and money is set aside regularly. One may set aside a lump sum, or have a systematic plan of periodic savings or investment. If a fixed amount is allocated, one must know what return is needed to reach a specific goal by a specified time. Professional Planning assists clients to define their goals and to execute a plan to achieve those goals.

Service Charges

Charges for Professional Planning services are based upon type work provided and are available on request. Please ask for specifics.