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Goal Setting

How do you know you have arrived if you don’t know where you are going?

More people suffer reversal of fortune because they lack stated realistic goals than from any other reason. They never plan to fail; they simply fail to plan where they are going. (Some people spend more time planning for a short cruise than for a life-long financial voyage).

Goals change at given points in one’s life. Early on, at the height of earning power, you may have high risk tolerance for investments, whereas at an older age financial independence and passing on your assets may be paramount, lessening risk tolerance. 

Wise financial planning is ongoing and adapts to these changes. Professional Planning helps you sort your options, define your goals, implement and monitor them in your ever-changing world.


  • Providing for retirement at a certain age, and at a desired standard of living
  • Providing education funds for your children or grandchildren
  • Providing desired standard of living in the event of spouse’s demise or disability
  • Reducing personal and inheritance tax

Every day is a new ballgame. Tax laws change, interest varies, markets adjust. Yesterday’s decisions may need updating today. Professional Planning will review your financial status as needed and recommend new strategies, as changes require.

We encourage you to consult your tax advisor, attorney and accountant before making important decisions. In fact, we will work with them on your behalf.

We also encourage you to take our recommendations to your broker and insurance representative, as well, when pertinent. If you wish, Professional Planning can act for you; we are qualified and licensed to perform in these capacities as Registered Investment Advisor.

With the Financial Plan, possibly for the first time you will have every facet of your finances in one place…your current status and your resolute direction for the 

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